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Simulation and modelling

Full system simulation, including both analog, RF,  and digital portions (mixed signal).

  • DDR3 digital PLL and MDLL/SDLL simulation and modeling.

  • Simulink/Matlab and bit-true algorithm for fast acquisition and tracking.

  • System level design, architecture, PAPR reduction algorithms for OFDM. 

  • Digital I/Q compensation, digital DC offset cancellation, calibration and dynamic IM2 removal.

  • IEEE802.11 a/b/g system design

  • 802.11n MIMO simulations.

  • Space-time coding (Alamouti) and SVD based decomposition methods.

  • Nonlinear parameters. IM2, IM3, IIP2, IIP3, CNR/SNR, SINAD, Cross Modulation, over/under modulation, half-IF frequencies, mixer harmonics, AM to AM and AM to PM curves.

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