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TV Whitespace

  • 3-band input provides full spectrum coverage. 54-700 MHz.

  • Detection Threshold (referenced to a 0 dBi sensing antenna)

    • All Fixed/personal/portable TVBDs

      • ATSC signals: -114 dBm, averaged over 6 MHz

      • NTSC signals: -114 dBm, averaged over 100 kHz

      • Wireless Microphone signals: -114 dBm averaged over 200 kHz

    • TVBD may start operating on a TV channel if no low power auxiliary device signals are detected within a minimum time interval of 30 seconds.

    • TV channel availability: TVBD is required to check for TV signals for a minimum of 30 seconds

    • In-service monitoring to be done every 60 seconds

    • Channel move time is 2 seconds

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