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Neil Birkett, Ph.D.


Dr. Birkett has over 25 years of industry and academic experience covering a wide range of subject areas from wireless to DSP to acoustic echo cancellation. Dr. Birkett received his Ph.D. from the Department of Systems and Computer Engineering at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada 1997 with a focus in non-linear adaptive filtering for speech processing and acoustic echo cancellation.


His professional interests are in wireless system design, RF subsystem design including PLL synthesizers and block converters covering DC to L-band, and adaptive linear and nonlinear algorithm development, and recently Convolutional Neural Networks, and machine learning.  

Dr. Norm Filiol, Ph.D.,

Dr. Filiol has over 20 years of IC design and systems experience in the wireless applications industry. He is an expert in frequency synthesis and transceiver architectures for wireless applications, with more than ten published papers in the wireless communications area and several patents. He spent three years at Nortel Semiconductor working on fractional-N frequency synthesis, after which he joined Philsar Semiconductor. While at Philsar, he was one of the architects that developed the world's lowest power consumption Bluetooth RF transceiver. Dr. Norm Filiol is also an Adjunct Research Professor with the Department of Electronics at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada and maintains close research ties with University of Oulu in Finland. 


Dr. Jeff Lariviere, Ph.D.,

Dr. Lariviere holds a Ph.D. degree with significant experience in adaptive processing with application to noise reduction, echo cancellation and speech recognition, real-time low-level DSP programming, algorithmic development for data classification and wireless communication techniques.  Dr. Lariviere’s dissertation (Sep. 2000) focuses on transform domain techniques for echo cancellation and noise reduction. 


Dr. Trevor Yensen, Ph.D.,

Dr. Yensen earned a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada in 2003 with significant academic experience in Voice over IP (VoIP) including acoustic echo cancellation for multi-channel conferences, real-time playout delay scheduling for audio packets and spatialization of acoustic signals from single to multiple channels.  Dr. Yensen has 20 years of industry experience which includes linear and non-linear digital signal processing algorithm design, real-time low-level DSP programming, audio codecs, wireless communications, end-to-end analog and digital chip performance simulations, various networking protocols and acoustic echo cancellation. 


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