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Adaptive Signal Processing

Maplebrook has significant expertise in the area of Adaptive Signal Processing.  We specialize in:


  • Adaptive equalizers

  • Adaptive nonlinear Predistortion for public address systems.

  • Network Echo Cancellation

  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation

  • LMS, NLMS and VSSLMS algorithms

  • RLS, SFTF, and Conjugate Gradient algorithms

  • Adaptive spectral subtraction for superior active noise and interference cancellation.

  • Adaptive distortion correction.

  • Adaptive beamforming microphone arrays, digital control.

  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation experts.

  • Active Noise Cancellation.

  • Surveillance microphones.

  • Digital lossless and lossy compression algorithms (SPEEX etc)

  • Spectral analysis, editing.

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